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What it is:

CareView is a web-based reporting tool for behavioral health organizations seeking excellence in knowledge management. With a nightly automated data extraction routine from Qualifacts CareLogic data warehouse, CareView applies your company’s business rules to transform your behavioral health data into actionable knowledge to aid in all aspects of the management of your business. If you are ready to bring your organization into the next generation of knowledge management, contact us for a demonstration of how CareView can help you unlock the power of your behavioral health data.

How it works:

CareView utilizes the Qualifacts CareLogic data warehouse to extract your company’s operational information. We apply business rules that you configure to produce dynamic reports. Each night CareView processes raw service provision, revenue, utilization, demographic, and employee data and transforms the information into a useful, web-based knowledge management package. Your data is kept in a secure database hosted through Amazon Web Services (learn more about AWS Security here) and our web portal uses the most up-to-date internet security to ensure confidentiality.

Who should use CareView?

With CareView, providers are now capable of monitoring their own service delivery volume and patterns to assist in clinical care. At a glance, they can monitor show rates and utilization data to tailor their clinical practice to meet patient needs.
Real-time reporting allows clinical supervisors to monitor the production and quality performance of their employees. With regular review of productivity and service delivery, supervisors can be aware of and accountable for the performance of their programs.
CFOs can monitor service production and revenue in real time to comply with audit and funding board requirements. Historical service production data allows clear guidance in budgeting resources going forward.
Use CareView interactive tools to enforce organizational initiatives and to identify and track trends.
The CareView Disaster Recovery module provides peace of mind for organizations when operational continuity is broken. Rely on our secure services to insure your HIPAA Risk Management initiatives are operationalized and know that critical information is available when you need it most.

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